About Me from Aiden Clapci


Quote: let us sacrificed to today so our children can have a better tomorrow by A.P.J adult Kalam.

I chose this because some parents don’t  put enough effort for their kids to have a good life and to sacrificed out lives  so our future generations can have a better tomorrow.


My Favorite Video

This is my favorite video because it makes me laugh at it ever time i watch it and it makes me very happy.

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger inspired pictures

I love this picture because it reminds me everyday to have courage and be proud about myself to work out everyday.

My Favorite Hyperlink



I love this site because if your not doing well you can start a go fund me to help with your problems in your life.


I am exited for all of the new friends im going to make, im also exited for all of the groups i can join. I am most exited for to learn new things, accomplish  projects and worksheets and to make a life lessons for my self.

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