Science Fair Journal


1.Me and my partner chose the question How does chewing gum affect memory.

2. Me and my partner chose this subject because we were interested in how memory works and if gum can change how well you remember things.

3. I’m hoping to learn what kind of affect gum has on memory if it has one at all.Image result for brain and gum

Graham Stack, Alejandra Tapia 

October 29th 2018 

Science Fair Introduction 


Memory is stored in the hippocampus. Which is in the middle of the brain in the part called the temporal lobe (Daniel Murrell, 2018). Memory is when you obtain information, store it in the hippocampus remember it and then recall on it when you need it (Cherry, 2018). There are three stages in the memory process, and they are, introducing memories, encoding storage and retrieval (Cherry, 2018). 


In our study were going to test to see if gum can affect memory. We will be doing certain memory tests to see if gum can affect how well you memorize things. We will be using mint gum to test our question. We will test ten different people to see if our question will work by doing memory tests without chewing gum and then do a different memory test while they chew gum. 


Me and my partner are doing this study to see if gum can affect memory. We also want to see if were able to study better with gum, so it helps us focus more as well as help us memorize facts for any upcoming quizzes or tests. We are also extremely curious if gum even affects our memory.