Electric Circuit Floor Plan


  1. What are my thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? If positive/negative, what comes to mind specifically?

I really enjoyed learning about circuits. One thing I would have to say however, is that I wish that we learned more about circuits before just jumping into this PHET project. I understand that it was the introduction to the new unit, but a bit of review beforehand would have been useful.  



  1. How might my assignment relate to real-world situations and problems?

PHET shows how circuits work, which could be resourceful for students who might want to be engineers, or work in that field later in their lives. It could also help engineers in general, when designing circuits throughout their buildings. 


  1. What would I do differently if I were to approach the assignment again?

If I was able to redo this project, I would want to experiment with PHET more before I start my assignment right away like I did.  



  1. How will I use what I’ve learned in the future?

This assignment was the first building block to learning about series, and parallel circuits. After this whole unit, I am now able to identify the difference between the two and what each one means. PHET gave me a good visual perspective of circuits and how they work. 


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