Science Fair

Science Fair Reflection 


To start off, I really did enjoy the science fair. I think that the class time provided, wasn’t the best because it was all given last minute, which caused our projects to also be slightly last minute. In general, I had a lot of fun conducting my experiment and working with other students when thinking of a project idea. I learned a lot about how to lead a group and take initiative when working in a group. Our experiment was really all about the mind, and we had little to no, control over how it would turn out, so it was interesting to see the results.  


If I were to do this experiment again, I would do the experiment in a time span of two days, instead of one just because I think we would have better, and more informed results. I would also ask better check in questions to the students that participated, than the questions that I asked this time. 



Placebo is all mind games, if you believe that something will happen if you do a certain thing, then it will happen, and the other way around of not believing. This was all our experiment, either they believed, or didn’t believed, which lead into it working or failing.  



Our experiment took twenty grade ten students and we had them run one lap with drinking just Gatorade, and another lap, five minutes later, another lap with drinking a special ‘enhancement’ that makes them run faster, is what we told them, it was really just Gatorade. Our results were really mixed. 


I really enjoyed the experiment about what soda does to your teeth, as well as the experiment that tested the bacteria in the ice from specific fast food chains. 

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