Side One

Element: Neon

Symbol: Ne

Atomic Number: 10

Atomic Mass: 20.2

# of Protons: 10

# of Neutrons: 10

# of Electrons: 10

Side Two: History of the Element

Who discovered it? Morris Travers and William Ramsey

When was it discovered? 1898

Who Named it? Morris Travers

How was it discovered? by studying liquefied air at their university

How is it used? Neon is most commonly used in bright lights such as the neon “open” sign that you see in front of storefronts but also has other miscellaneous applications such as a component in cryogenic freezing and lasers

Side Three: Features and Properties

Colour: Colourless

State at Room Temperature: Gas

Melting Point: 249 Degrees Celsius

Boiling Point: 246.7 Degrees Celsius

Common Uses: (See Above Notes)

Interesting Characteristics:

-Neon is two thirds as dense as air

-Neon has three stable isotopes

-Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the world

-Trace amounts of Neon have been found in the earths atmosphere