Science Blog Questions


(Q1) What Subject Did You Choose ?

(A1) How do bruises develop over time (General) ?


(Q2) Why Did You Choose This Subject ?

(A2) We chose this subject because my partner and I experience the pains and uncomforts of bruises and we wanted to expand our knowledge on the topic and understand these hardships better.

(Q3) What Are You Hoping To Learn

(A3) We are hoping to learn more about the causes of discoloring that bruises bring along with them and why they are so painful sometimes. We are also hoping to understand them and possibly learn some of the ways to prevent and treat them


Science Fair Introduction 11/16/18

Our group (Jordan Rekunyk and Alex Kellner) has decided to research and test the question of: How does a bruise develop and change over time as well as if the various colours of the bruise change any side effects that you may have. We believe that this question proved to be very relevant to us because myself and Jordan are both Lacrosse players and we experience the hardships and pain that are typically caused by bruises on a regular basis. This study is important because we were unable to find any other study that covers what we’ll be covering in ours so this will be completely new information which could potentially help other people who were wondering the same thing as us find the information to sooth their curiousness easier. It is also important because we are expanding people’s knowledge on the topic which is always useful. According to Google, the definition of a bruise is as follows: an injury appearing as an area of discolored skin on the body, caused by a blow or impact rupturing underlying blood vessels (Define Bruise, www.google.ca, 2018) 


As stated above, we will be conducting a study based on how bruises develop and change over time as well as if the various colours of the bruise change any side effects that you may have. We will inflict a bruise onto one of our thighs and study it over the course of seven days, charting our observations and studying the side effects of the bruise as well as how the different colours change those side effects. The independent variable in this study will be the amount of time since the impact that created the bruise. The dependent variables include how much muscle is in the thigh, the temperature and how hard we hit the thigh to cause the bruising. Before conducting this study, we will need to research bruises, so we have some background knowledge on how they are caused and how they function. Our goal with this Science Fair is to teach you a little more about bruises and hopefully inspire you to further your research on the topic.