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My Love of Reading and My Favourite Quote

I chose this quote because it was one of my favorite quotes when I was younger. I used to read all the time so when I was younger it really related to me because people used to think of me as the girl who was always reading. No one understood why I liked reading so much but this picture perfectly encompasses why I loved to do it. For me it was like I got to experience so many different people and worlds. A different experience for every single book I opened. It made me really happy to read and this quote reminds me of how I used to do it all the time. While it also reminds me of when I was younger and all of my memories from years back but also how I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have a book in my face.

My Family and A Video

Ever since I moved from Winnipeg, my parents have worked in a franchise of a boat company. We always go boating now and we do all sorts of other things on boats that we own in the company. The yacht in this youtube video isn’t one of our boats but it is a boat video that my dad always shows me and the rest of my family. It reminds me of him so much because he loves boating and doing it with all of us and I think that one day he wants to get a yacht himself. Though probably not one this big, but he thinks this boat is amazing and I can’t help but agree.

Something Meaningful to Me and A Picture

By far my favourite place in the world is Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is what this picture is of. Winnipeg is where I lived from when I was born until I was 11 and I moved away. It’s where my whole family is, and all of my old friends. A place full of many wonderful memories, where my old life was. Though to many others it probably looks like some random city, this picture is so meaningful to me because it’s a picture of Winnipeg.

My Favourite Thing to Do &  a Website

When I lived in Winnipeg I would do plays every year with all of my friends, it was one of the things I loved to do but when I came here I stopped doing plays and I was really bored a lot of the time. But, eventually I joined Mellado and I started doing dance and I loved and continue to love doing it. It’s one of my favourite things to do now and I’m glad that I found something else to do that I love so much. Click on the picture if you would like to see the Mellado Dance Elite website.


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