Its not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” –Mother Teresa

I chose this quote because I personally live by it. We should all find a reason to love what we do, and try our bests to do it with care. (Especially for other people and ourselves.)

Favourite Clip : 

                              This clip is  motivational, and inspiring. This clip is one of my favourite inspirational videos to watch, and it’s a good way To remind ourselves that we can do anything.

              YouTube clipAlyceTzue  

                                                                                                              #1 Picture


     I chose this image because it’s a picture of one of my favourite characters from a show. 🙂 The picture usually uplifts my mood. 



 Hyperlink to music video

 I chose to link my favourite song because I listen to music a lot. The song makes me feel better, so I decided to add it to the blog. Thank you for visiting my blog!