Learning About Me

Only I can change my life.

          No one can do it for me.”

     This quote to me is not only inspiring but very powerful. The quote resembles how I want to be and what i want to do with my self now and in the future. One thing about is that in some situations I depend on other people. No I do not take advantage of them. Also, when I sometimes have problems with friends or family, I blame it on others. Even when it wasn’t there fault. In the future, I want to be able to be more independent and strong. When I had problems with people and unless we changed we had to move on, I was always like I’m fine, your the one who needs to change. I know, I want to change the way I am and the way I live so, that needs to be done by myself. People can help, but no one can change it except me.



Inspiring/Passionate about


Women rights is something that I am very passionate about. I have been taught all my life that everyone is equal, like it should be. But, looking around our world in some cases this is not true. Women are fighting everyday to get the rights that they deserve. Both these photos inspire me dearly. The one on the left is very inspiring and heart warming because when we see women fighting for their rights its most likely just women but in this case men are. It’s nice to see that women are not alone in this and some men are helping fighting for them. 






This video is not only funny but brings back an old memory of mine. Up until March 2018 this was just a hilarious video but then, it became very memorable and relate able. That is because over spring break March 19th 2018 my sister and I went on this exact same ride. Even though my sister and I were both and still dare devils, I was still terrified. We didn’t have to wait in line for too long because we have fast passes, so it only took around 15 minutes. Then, the time had come, we were next to go on. As we were walking up to the cart we had just realized something, we were going to be in the front. I started panicking but I really wanted to go on so I sucked it up and went on. Going on the ride, I started screaming. This video reminded me exactly of my sister and I, my sister being Jimmy and laughing at me, while I was like Kevin Hart, screaming. Nonetheless, it was very fun and went on it many times after.




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Encore Dance Academy. EDA. The place that has taught me how to love dance with all my heart. This dance company has taught me so much in such a short time, not only learning and loving dancing but also determination, team work, being confident in your self, hard work, and so much more. The teachers and dancers here are so amazing, kind, and talented.