About Me


 “Never, never, never give up” –Winston Churchill

This quote is both very meaningful and inspiring towards me. It basically states that you should never give up in whatever you do, and always have confidence in yourself. Self confidence is very important to me, because I believe that in order to succeed, you should always have faith and confidence in yourself, and the things you do. This quote motivates me to never give up, and to always do the best I can, and that anything is possible, you just have to try.


     “Better Now” by Post Malone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdkhJhtxFl4

I absolutely love this song, and would honestly never get tried of listening to it.


This is a picture of a Sarah Wells, and I below. She is a Motivational speaker, and an Olympian. Last year, i had gone to a leadership conference with my school, and we got to meet Sarah, and listen to her speech. She is so motivational, and inspiring. Sarah had gone through lots of injuries during her training for the olympics, but had overcome them, because she had never given up, and had followed her dreams. She kept on trying, and believed in herself, even in the tough times. Sarah inspires me to never give up.



This is a link to Donate to BC Children’s Hospital –  http://www.bcchildrens.ca/donate

I chose this website because it is very meaningful, and purposeful. A donation can help save lives of little children, and make a large impact towards them. I believe that we should help with raising money for good causes, and charities. It is a very good way to give back.