About Me



“it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up”- Vince Lombardi

I chose this quote because my dad always tells me this before a lacrosse game. It also inspires me to not let others break me down, it shows me that i can always get back up and keep going. Just like in a lacrosse game you can’t let any goal or hit make you stop trying you always gotta get back up and keep playing as hard as you can.


My Favourite Lacrosse Clip-

I put this video in my all about me because this is my favourite lacrosse clip, the player that scored the goal is Brett Hickey. He was the #1 player on Toronto Rock then got traded to the Philadelphia Wings. In this clip he was still on Toronto Rock he was playing against Rochester Nighthawks, unfortunately Toronto. lost.  


Picture of Something That Inspires Me-

Image result for brett hickey lacrosse

I am using this photo of Brett Hickey as a photo of something that inspires me because he is my favourite lacrosse player. I have played lacrosse with him before because my dad used to coach him before he got into the NLL.