Amber’s Blog

Hi, my name is Amber Ao. I was born here in British Columbia, Canada. I live with my parents and my fluffy dog. I like to sing and play music in my free time. As well when I want time to myself I like to go shopping in Vancouver. I like to swim, snowboard, play volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. After doing competitive swimming for 5 years, I have stopped to pursue lifeguarding. my favourite movie is Hacksaw Ridge, and I like to eat sushi while watching movies. I really love school and I want to pursue getting a scholarship to university, to study spacecraft engineer. I want to work hard and experience many things throughout high school. So, I can pursue my dreams in the future.

This is about me:


I am a failure and horrible at whatever I do. I will never do anything with my life.  -Amber Ao

This quote means a lot to me because of a long time ago I use to thought I was a failure in elementary school for what I had gone through. But now I decided not to give up and pursue more with my life. So, I did, I changed my life around by working harder and setting a goal every day. Always looking ahead of what I can be and looking at what I can do now to live my future.



The reason why I picked this video is that it’s not just a funny meme video. It’s also a good song that speaks a good message, at least for me. It’s also nice to hear someone not going to give you up, I appreciate it. (lol)



The reason why I choose this picture is that this is a picture of my dog. He means the world to me. He cheers me up on my down days and makes me laugh every day. He is like my brother, and I love him so dearly much. He as well likes to sleep and eat a lot. he very lazy but loving.


Click here to my school

The reason why I pick this website is that I go on this website to check important updates for school. School is very important to me. Looking at new updates of what has to change interest me on what I can help change for the school.