Science Fair Journaling- Amolika M.

I enjoyed the science fair project a lot.  I really like conducting my experiment, making my trifold, and answering people’s questions at the Science Fair, and at Power of Ideas. There were a handful of people that came over to talk to me about my project, ‘Does Highlighting Notes Help You Remember?’ and I was able to answer their questions and have a conversation with them about my project. I chose this topic because highlighting is a very popular study method that I have used myself. I thought it would be interesting to see if it does anything, since research shows that it doesn’t.

This was the paper I received when I got selected for Power of Ideas.

I learnt that highlighting does help people remember! My results showed that people that received the highlighted version of text remembered words better than people that got the non highlighted version. I would make my sample size bigger in the future, and try to find a way to get people to reply faster. I’d also like to find a way to reduce potential cheating because I sent the survey and the paragraph through email so the volunteers could’ve looked back to check their answers.


















This was my trifold that I used for the science fair and for Power of Ideas.

Image result for highlighters on a desk

I used a yellow highlighter for this experiment, but here is a small variety of different highlighters.