A Little Bit of Myself

Your “About Me” page is all about you.  As you get more comfortable with it, it is an opportunity to express who you are, and share the things you like to do. But more so, this is where you can share your growth and experiences at Terry Fox Secondary.


“Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

I chose this quote because it reminds me about the fact that I have time to build my way to success.


I chose this video because I laughed so hard when I saw it the first time and it represents a part of my sense of humor.


Picture that inspires me 

This picture is meaningful to me because since maybe 6th grade I’ve wanted a house like this. This picture inspires me to do my best at everything to prepare myself for the hard work I’m going to do to get this kind of house.










The website I chose for the hyperlink is YouTube

i chose this site because it matters a lot to me, when I was a kid I didn’t watch a lot of TV and instead I watched YouTube.