Science Fair Procedure


Reasons why we are doing this?:

To solve how salt affects the freezing point of ice cream, we will have 3 examples, one with the right amount of salt, extra salt, and one with less salt. We are also discovering why salt can freeze things when it comes in touch with ice. Also, what temperature does it have to be for it to start to become ice cream, and freeze.


If we find out how the salt affects the freezing point of ice cream, then we can figure out how to make different textures of ice cream as well, then we will be able to make the perfect temperature of ice cream.

  •  less salt : I believe the ice cream wont turn to ice cream it wont freeze because the salt wont be there to freeze the melting point of the ice to turn the milk into ice cream.


  • milk(i cup)
  • sugar (1 1/2 tablespoon)
  • vanilla (1/2 a teaspoon)
  • ice (2-3 cups)
  • plastic bag (big one)
  • plastic bag (sandwich bag)


  1. in the big bag add ice and salt.
  2. in sandwich bad add, milk, sugar, vanilla.
  3. the put the sandwich bag in the big bag, and make sure both are very closed.
  4. the squish and shake big bag for about 10 mins.

Final Question:

How salt affects the freezing point of ice cream?


Based on my results my hypothesis was correct because the ice cannot totally freeze the milk without the salt, then we made 3 different kinds of ice cream with all different textures and temperature. The one with extra salt came out like ice cream but was very salty, the one with the right amount came out a perfect consistency but tasted like play-dough, and the one with less salt had a soup consistency and tasted terrible because you could only taste vanilla extract. Overall salt has a big effect on how the ice cream turns out.

Element Cube/Information Fluency

  1. What is Zinc? Who discovered Zinc? Who named Zinc? What’s the room tempature of Zinc?
  2. I’ve never used a QR code before and it seemed to work really well, it brings you to your website really quickly and efficiently.
  3. I went online and checked out certain videos about Zinc and found one that was useful and understanding.
  4. I copy and pasted the website I used onto my paper, and I knew the information was correct because all the websites I went on said the same thing.
  5. I could of taken more time writing it out, understanding more about Zinc and not just completing the project on time.

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