Science Ecology 9

Science ecology 9 project: By Annaka Polan

Lifetime of a tree:



From our Study:

Biotic: living thing such as: birds, fish, bats, frogs, trees, plants. Abiotic: Non living thing such as: fences, benches, rocks and chairs.

Biological community:

Geosphere: Ducks interact with Geosphere when they are on land hunting for food or eating.

.Atmosphere: Ducks interact with the atmosphere when they have to travel to a river or a new lake to reproduce.

Hydrosphere: Hydrosphere really impacts the ducks because it is where duck’s hunt, live and reproduce. If there was no rivers, lakes or oceans the ducks would not survive on land, they need some type of lake so that they can feed off of fish eggs and small fish.

Biosphere: Ducks interact with Biosphere because they have to share a home with geese and other birds, which limit their food variation. If their were limited amount of ducks their would be more fish in the Blackburn lagoon.

Ecologically Linked:






Symbiotic Relationships:

Ducks predators are foxes, large birds, hawks or owls. When the duck dies it does not benefit of this relationship but the predator does so it’s a +/- predation relationship.


  1. Not littering: helps the geosphere because it’s allowing the earth to remain clean, plastic needs a lot of time before it decomposes. The atmosphere reduces pollution in the air. Hydrosphere helps water to keep clean so that the bad pollution is not being filtered into the water. Biosphere helps the wildlife be protected by not eating the plastic and or pollution from people littering.

  2. Not disturbing wildlife: Geosphere, the disturbance of wildlife allows the bird to build nests and animals to build a habitat. Hydrosphere leaves the ecosystem unharmed. The biosphere is good because it creates an ecosystem and preserves the habitat. The Atmosphere helps preserve the natural landscape of the earth.

  3. Not picking flowers or plants: Geosphere, plants life absorbs chemicals from the lagoon and creates nutrients. The atmosphere, plants creates carbon dioxide and creates oxygen for us to breath and live. Hydrosphere prevents erosion on land. Biosphere creates food and shelter for other animals to live or hide in.

First People’s Link: Mushrooms and fungi are very important to the indigenous because they are featured in traditional indigenous diets, some of these are still being used. Since mushrooms are decomposers they break down dead plants and animals. Fungi transform into an organic matter that can be utilized by other decomposers, and into food for plants.


Ducks one of the most widespread in the world as they are found on almost every continent. Ducks differ from swans but are related to other aquatic birds like swans and geese. Ducks can easily adapt to different conditions it’s because they have a diverse food range on dry land and in water. Ducks choose to live at the Blackburn lagoon because it supplies all they need like water, dry land, food, habitat, and predators to make sure they don’t overpopulate. Ducks to not interfere with humans unless they are being hunted, they don’t have any symbiotic relationship with any other organism at the Blackburn lagoon.