a look into the life of ari

Sometimes you have to be a fruitloop in a world of cheerios, or the sun in a storm. I’m a different kind of girl, one that loves to be active, going hard in the gym, but also super into baking and cooking. I basically live in the gym kickboxing and weight lifting, on the fields playing soccer, or cuddling with my dog.

create your vision and go BEASTMODE to achieve it  -gymquotes.co

Discipline, the key to achieving your dreams and being successful in any obstacle that comes your way. It is super important that when you have a goal, you know how to execute it to your full advantage and determination will get you there. This is what has transformed me into a new person, when I look in the mirror I can see a bold, strong and confident girl who’s proud of the progress she has made. A new lifestyle, all starting with a passion of the gym and dignity. Here’s a short video on how determination in the gym or anywhere really can change your life:

The gym, a place some people fear when others consider it a safe haven. For me it’s a place where I can take care of my body, take out my frustrations, and build relationships with others who have similar goals. I consider UFC Gym Coquitlam my second home, the friends I’ve made there and the connections I’ve made with the coaches are some strong bonds that make me feel as if I always have someone who I can go hang out with for a productive hour as a break from my school life. The gym always has a special place in my heart as it not only changed my life but my views on my everyday health priorities. It’s made me more aware of what I’m capable of and I feel a huge confidence boost afterwards. Hard work leads to some serious rewards and the trophies are displayed on every muscle and vein that becomes more prominent through my transformation journey.

Iron Fit Nutrition has a range of high quality supplements that help you enhance and achieve your body goals. The CEO IFBB Pro Carlos Rabiei is a good friend of my fathers and is passionate about making high quality supplements that keep your body responding well to your workouts. “What’s on the label, is in the bottle” and I agree. I personally have used a variety of branch chain amino acids and nothing compares to this. His products have helped me in  my training, keeping my muscles energized and continuously working. Canadian made and proud 🙂