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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
H. Jackson Brown. JR

My name is Ashenafi Ayele Phillips MacKinley, I go to to Terry Fox Secondary school. I enjoy High school more then Middle and Elementary because of how the blocks and and t new freedom at lunch. I choose that quote Because that is how i like to live my life what i use in school. If i work hard now, later on it will pay off with a good job.

About Me 

On my free time I have a couple things i love to do. There is a variety of sports i like to play and Different movies i like to watch.

My favorite sport to play is Soccer but I love to play many other sports. I enjoy playing

My favourite Movies:
I love to watch movies and often watch YouTube. My favorite movie is Black Panther because of how it presents the culture of Wakanda even though its not a eal place.

My favorite book is the Maze runner and the whole series because it got me to read way more. I loved the concept of the series and how interesting it was and the world it was in.


A video I really enjoy is 10 questions science still cant answer because it shows that there are somethings that cant be explained and humans still have a long way to go before we know everything.

Image result for photo of all sports I Love this photo because I am a person who loves to play many sports and wanna become as great as I can at all of them.This photo represents sports I play except the cheer leading.

Ford Canada

I choose that website because it shows inactivation and how cars and electronics in them have changed. about 70 years ago cars looked completely different and slow but now they have big trucks that can pull 10,000 pounds and more. I love to see how things have changed from then to now and how its going to change in the future.