About Me


    “All knowledge hurts.” – Cassandra Clare

♦ All knowledge hurts one way or another. Whether it is good, or bad, it can hurt others, the world, environment, yourself. There is a reason we don’t know everything about the world. It keeps in wonder and a strive to live all while keeping out the negative possibilities that could come from that knowledge. This quote shows to me that I don’t have to know everything or understand every concept that I learn, and that in life, imagination and wonder can be glorious things. ♦



 I personally love this video just because it’s weird and I think it fits my personality. I don’t think a video has ever made me laugh this much even though others might think it’s really quite stupid. I love how it is this short, silly video about a cucumber and a tomato fighting for no reason, and that is what got me. The sheer purity of it and the lovely human being, Gatis Kandis. 

*Oph. It’s so good and quality content.*




 This picture/drawing speaks to me because I, myself, like art. I especially like this piece because there are so many different styles combined yet it still makes a masterpiece in the end. It reminds me that I can come up with my own style and that even if it is weird or unusual, its still beautiful in its own way ( my work is beautiful no matter what ). It inspires me to keep drawing and to try new things, processes or mediums in my work; and above all, USE MY IMAGINATION! 

beauty can be whatever you want it to be.



♦ If you couldn’t already tell from my quote of choice ( the author ), I love to read. Whenever I can, I will probably be browsing online at indigo; searching for new books that I find interesting or honestly, scrolling through all the sale sections looking for the cheapest books I’m interested in ( or just looking at the art work on front covers ). I also really like to go to a real-life bookstore ( not just online ) and casually browse around and pick things up for as long as I feel. I love the warm and homey feel they produce but also the fact that you can get lost, wander into a random section, and find your new favorite book that you never thought you would pick up. I do most of my shopping online though ( sad 🙁 ), because books are normally cheaper there than in-store ( also sad 🙁 ).