BlakeBurn Lagoon

Pictures from the lagoon:

You may not be able to see because the picture is blurry (sorry) but there is a duck on the rock. This shows one of the many animals that we were able to see in the nature reserve and that the reserve is working! Being able to see the animals live a comfortable life here shows that things can be done to restore natural habitats and that people can fix messes they’ve made in the past. This realization can help others to spend more time trying to restore nature (instead of thinking it is impossible). The thing that made my experience here much better is the thought that others came together to restore this lagoon and that they are working towards a better future for wildlife.


This is an image of Blakeburn Lagoon sometime during late winter. The picture reflects my experience because I got to see how some plants were dead and how some were alive, which helped me to determine some of the animals that lived here. The trees and plants being stripped of they’re leaves and not fully blossomed helped me to better see how the sanctuary was set up and the basic building blocks for how it was going to work out. It also helped me to understand how there can be so many different living conditions based on what season it is.

My PowerPoint!

This document is a power point on how the Blakeburn Lagoon can change over time. We were supposed to take pictures of the same spot each month we went there and put it together to show changes. The images show changes of how not only the environment changed but also how the species who lived there changed. You may not be able to see the animals but while it was a lot colder, many animals were hibernating compared to now, while it is warmer, many more animals are vising the sanctuary because they’re no longer in hibernation.


What kinds of technology did you use at the lagoon?

At the lagoon I used many types of technology. I used my phone, a thermometer, some binoculars and a magnifying glass.

How did you use technology to complete your project/assignment?

I used my phone to take pictures and to find out the true temperature of the day along with the wind gust, precipitation, weather, etc. I used the thermometer to measure the temperature of the day the first time we went to the lagoon. I used the binoculars to be able to see certain animals that were far away and I used the magnifying glass to see small organisms up close and to inspect the fungi on a tree.

Describe your comfort level with using edublog and Microsoft Teams.

If I could rate it out of 10 I would probably rate my comfort level 7/10. I rate it this because even though it is easy to be writing this right now and its easy to set it up, there are many difficulties that I had. First off, for one of the assignments I had to post about my science fair and while the posting was easy, I totally forgot that you had to hand your actual post in on the assignment page; which I don’t really find practical. I understand that it is easier for teachers to find it but, I forgot because it felt like I had already handed in the project by posting it. Secondly, getting to the Edublog page is a little hard to do. Even though there are links embedded into the instruction sheets, I usually have to scout for them to find them (it is sometimes hard to navigate my way through teams and Edublog because of its format). Finally, I find it occasionally difficult to insert documents because I first have to save an image to my computer, then upload it to the Edublog folder, and then I can insert it (even then sometimes my pictures end up sideways somehow). After all of this ranting, I do still think Teams and Edublog are good platforms to work on. They make it easy do create a website (like this one!) and I find that embedding links, making posts, making new pages, and seeing what assignments you have are really easy to do!

What would you like to change or stay the same for next year in your classes with technology?

I would like to keep all of the random websites that we use to better our learning (like the electric circuit board) and I would like to keep using the edublog workspace because it is convenient and easy to work with to get assignments done digitally. On the other hand, I would like to change how we get updated and reminded about our online assignments. I understand that there are many classes to look after and remind, but it would be nice to get updated more often then we do right now. This can be by technology reminders but also teachers reminding us more often.