Electric Circuit Floor Plan :)

This is the circuit I made in the program PHET! I hope you like it. 🙂


What are my thoughts about this overall project? Are they mostly positive or negative? If positive/negative, what comes to mind specifically?

I overall, quite enjoyed this project. It was fun trying different circuits and changing them so they would would properly. I will admit though, that I got frustrated sometimes because I got confused and mad that the circuit wasn’t working. I had more positive emotions, as I got really exited to try it out and fix my mistakes ( mostly figuring out how it works so I could actually see how to fix it. ). When I did fix it, it felt really cool to be able to do something like fixing an electrical circuit. I may have also learned about a closed circuit by lighting a battery on fire and exploding it…. ( we’re fine ).

How might my assignment relate to real-world situations and problems?

Learning how to create circuits and the way energy can work is a very helpful tool to use daily. Whether you want to become somebody who works with circuits and electricity or not, electrical knowledge can be important. For example, if you own a home by yourself and OH NO! there is now an electrical problem and you don’t want to get an expensive professional to help, you will be able to (hopefully) fix it or not fix it but know how to be safe around it. This assignment, and learning to deal with circuits can help you to not only fix electrical problems and know your way around electricity but it can help to keep you safe (in knowing what not to do or how to take precautions)!

What was my thought process during this assignment? Did I find it difficult? What problem solving did I use?

At some points I did find it difficult because it was hard to figure out where the wires would go so it would work properly. At the beginning, when I turned off 2 lights, the rest of them would turn off as well. I had to reflect and look over my circuit to find out where to put the wires correctly. I kept trying and trying to find the right places when I eventually got it right; but it also took many tries, faults, and look overs for me to do it correctly. You don’t always get it right on the first time but eventually I did because I persevered and reflected on what I had previously done wrong.

What would I do differently if I were to approach the assignment again?

I would definitely try to ask more questions when I get confused so that one, I can get it done faster but also two, so that I can understand my content better. I would also try to use different objects in PHET just to see how they would work and to experiment with them more for a better understanding of how they (mostly resistors) work. I could also try using different types of circuits for the floor plan and see how I could change it but still get the light bulbs to work.

How will I use what I’ve learned in the future?

I could use this electrical knowledge in the future in other sciences to help me but also for basic knowledge in fixing circuits if I need to. I will hopefully not download and delete this information because it can really help me to understand how the whole of electricity works which is important in many aspects. Even using batteries in the circuit has helped me to better understand them and because batteries are a big part of life, that knowledge can help a great deal.