Some abiotic factors are: Cool temperatures, slight rainfall, cloudy skies, lots of water, and the gravel.

Some biotic factors are: The trees, grass, insects, and animals/mammals.

Putting garbage and other waste where it belongs would help the lagoon. Doing that would positively impact the atmosphere and the biosphere, and maybe the hydrosphere and geosphere would be affected by a bit as well, since pollution can cause damage not just to the abiotic environment, but also to the living beings that live there.

A simpler way to help is to just respect the lagoon and respect the animal’s boundaries. It should never be a bad thing to make sure that you aren’t accidentally hurting any part of the environment. The best way you could prevent damaging anything is to give it space and try not to mess with it in the first place. By doing this, you can protect those in the biosphere and keep them safe, you can keep whatever’s in the hydrosphere clean, you can prevent unintentionally damaging the geosphere, and depending on what you do and don’t do, you might be able to prevent a form of air pollution in the atmosphere.

It’s impossibly difficult to solve problems like these on your own. That’s why it’s helpful to let others be more aware of the environment around them. The third and final way you could help is to encourage other people to join in and help take care of the environment. Not only will you be helping the lagoon, but there will also be so many other people who will be willing to help. It may seem shocking, but there are a lot of people out there who care about keeping places like the lagoon a healthy and safe place.

Although most may be hard to find, there are countless animals and insects that live at the lagoon. One of the insects are bees.
Like all living beings, bees do affect the four spheres in some way, even if it may be hard to see. If we take a look at a bumblebee, we can figure out how it affects these spheres.

A bumblebee is one of the types of insects that can be considered as “pollinators”. When bees spread pollen, it’s like fertilizer for the plants. This is really helpful for the plants and it shows how bees affect the biosphere/geosphere.

Now of course, bees breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, which is the most noticeable way that bees affect the atmosphere.