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I really like this vine meme so this is my favorite quote… I remember seeing this when I was younger. I joked around with my friends wit this quote, and I think its really funny.

I’ve also never been to oovoo javer xD

I really love my dog, and when I was young I posted a video of me patting him for 23 minutes. My dog has been a large part of my life. He’s my best friend, and I love him. I also really like to pat :3

I love sad cats, I find them really funny and cute at the same time. The fact that a cat is crying ACTUAL tears is pretty funny (as well as sad). But, pretty funny.





I like Minecraft, i play around with it from time, to time. I like to meet people on Minecraft, as well as play games with them too… Don’t judge me, I’m sensitive uwu. 



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