October 30

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Brody’s Blog

My name is Brody Milne.  I went to Birchland Elementary, then went to Minnekhada Middle School, and I am now at Terry Fox Secondary.  I play soccer and lacrosse, and enjoy both very much.  The photo above was chosen because it represents a free, stress-free lifestyle which is not what I have, but what I hope to achieve sooner or later in life.  I also really enjoy cliff jumping.



“Good, Better, Best.  Never let it rest. Til’ your good is better and your better is best” ~St. Jerome

I chose this quote because it shows how you, as a person, are always working to make yourself better.  It is telling you to never stop improving yourself.



I like this video because it is very entertaining to watch, and gives me something to strive for in my skill level.  Sometimes I watch videos like these to find new moves to try on the field.

Another thing I like and I am passionate about is exotic cars.

Even when i was little, I always loved race cars.  I enjoyed watching them drive at unimaginable speeds and their paint shine in the sunlight.