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1) Add a Quote:

“the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most” -xxxtentacion         i chose this quote because i have seen a lot of betrayal in my life even if it wasn’t towards me and i know what it can do to a person because i have experienced it, it started making me question the people i know and if i can trust them or not, it also made me never fully trust people because in the back of my mind i always knew one day they would always betray me or leave me.

2) Add a Video:

i chose this video because billie ellish is my favorite artist and i think that this music video is art because it something i personally haven’t seen before.

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3) Add a Picture:
this is a picture of my dirt bike, i chose this picture because my favorite thing to do is ride, i have been dirt biking since i was 6 years old, it has always been apart of my life because my whole family does it.

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this is a web site i order all my parts and gear for my bike off of i use this quite a lot and its one of the only sites i use.