About me


1) Meaningful Quote: 

My favourite quote is “A second chance doesn’t mean anything if you didn’t learn from your first’” by Anurag Prakash Ray

This is my favourite quote because it’s okay if you mess up in life because everybody does but you need to learn from your mistake the first time so you don’t repeat your same mistake again. This quote is also really important and inspirational to me because the quote shows that you can get second chances in life just by learning from your first mistake. I also sometimes mess up on silly things and I need to make sure that I don’t repeat those same mistakes.


2) Favourite Video:
This is my favourite video because the man is always so kind and he is always taking care of others and doing good for this world. The video title is ”You Can Be A Hero Too” and I think what the title means by that is all you have to do to be a kind person or a hero in this world is to help others in need and to care for others like this man in the video. In the video, it shows that happiness is more important than money. The man decides to give money to others so that he can help people in need, he also helps others more than himself which is extremely generous. What keeps him going in life is he receives emotions from the people he helps which makes him feel good about himself and then he feels happy.



3) Inspiring Picture:

This is my most meaningful picture because this was when the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 Nba championship. I was so happy and excited on this day because the Toronto Raptors were the first Nba Canadien team to win the Nba championship. This Picture represents a lot to me because I love basketball and the Toronto Raptors are my favourite team. The picture also shows that there’s hope because in 2018 they didn’t make the finals but then in 2019 they dominated in the season. Overall the picture shows that if you put in the effort and hard work into something then you can achieve what you want and that’s what the Raptors did.


How the Raptors Won Their First N.B.A. Championship - The New York Times


4) Create a Hyperlink:


Youtube is my favourite hyperlink because there are so many funny and cool videos to watch, I could be on there for hours because there is always a new video to watch and there are all kinds of videos on there. Youtube is for everyone and I doubt that anyone could get bored while on it. Youtube is also very helpful because there are videos that teach you how to do things for example you can search up how to make Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs and then there will be a video to teach you. Youtube can also be good for school and work because you can gather information about a topic from a youtube video. For example, if you don’t know how a tornado happens you can watch a youtube video about how it happens from someone and they will explain it to you.


5) Self Assessment: