About Me

My Favourite Quote

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

I chose this quote because you should follow it if you want to make a difference. I do this just by participating in the Terry Fox Run every year because I want to get rid of cancer.

My Favourite Video

This is my favourite video because it is really funny and also because it’s about Canada. I don’t like people thinking stuff about others without any evidence for it. I think the video is funny because of the way the youtuber made it.

My Favourite Image


I like this picture because it’s really cute and corgis are the best kind of dog because they are very playful and pretty funny sometimes. I really wish my parents would let me get one but I can’t because we aren’t at home very often and also because they are expensive.

My Favourite Website


This social media site is meaningful to me because I use it for lots of different things and I can be part of communities. I like to use it mostly for entertainment like looking at funny images or videos. Some of my favourite communities are ones where people post cute pictures of animals.