About Me

Your “About Me” page is an introduction about you.  As you get more comfortable, it becomes an opportunity to express who you are and share the things you like to do. Your blog is where you can share your growth and experiences of Digital Learning at Terry Fox Secondary. As you customize this page DELETE the INSTRUCTIONS so that only your work is published and when you share this page, share the published page (not the edit page).

1) Meaningful Quote:

“no one can win every battle, but no one should fall without a struggle” – peter parker.  
I chose this quote because it shows that you won’t win at everything that you do, but the effort and dedication that you put into your work will be way more worth it.

2) Favourite Video:


I chose this video because I think that it really show cases how important your voice or your single vote on anything could be. It shows the consequences and the results of not caring or not putting in effort into something that you will have to deal with for a long time.

3) Inspiring Picture:

I chose this picture because it shows that it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, your religion, or who you are, we are all equal and all have goals in life and want to achieve them.

4) Create a Hyperlink:


I chose this website because when i’m bored i like to go on here. There are also really great inspirational quotes that you can read everyday.

5) Self Assessment: