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About Me …

My Favorite Quote:
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I chose this quote by Bob Ross because he uses bad or unfortunate situations, and turns them into positive ones. Instead of having a negative mistake or outcome, he treats it more as a learning experience which I admire.

My Favorite Video:

I absolutely LOVE Antonio Garza. She’s just so so funny, beautiful and talented with editing and beauty related things. She’s so different and unique from so many other YouTubers. This video, in particular, made me laugh out loud the most, but ALL of her videos are amazing and have me laughing the whole time. She talks about everything you could imagine; school, work, her dogs, beauty, friends and a trillion other things, but turns it into something so funny to listen to. There is really no theme to her content, whatever comes to her mind, she begins talking about.  They’re just the best, and if you ever need a good laugh, watch her videos!

3) My Favorite Picture:

This is my dog Molly, she is just over a year in a half. She means the WORLD to me, and makes me so so happy. She has many human toddler traits and makes me laugh all the time. She loves human food and refuses to eat her own, tries to talk to my family and I when she’s bored or wants to go for a walk, and when she sees one of us hugging each other, and isn’t getting any attention, she loses her mind! This picture is one of my favorites because of how fluffy she looks. The amount of hair she has definitely adds on extra weight! Sometimes she really drives my family and I crazy, but no matter what she chews on, eats, or how many times she barks in a day, we love her more than anything.


This the hyperlink to the SPCA. The SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I am an animal lover and hate to think about all the animals in the world without homes or who have disabilities that aren’t being treated for. These animals are taken out of the harmful environment they were living, and are brought to the SPCA to be cared for. You can donate money to support these animals and even adopt dogs, cats, bunnies, and many other animals too. This website is here for you to help animals in need and support this foundation.