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About Cheryl Stephanie

my favorite quote 

‘when someone say’s you can’t do it. Do it twice, and take pictures.’

i picked this qoute because its very rebelious, you only have 2555 days to be rebelious but still be excused because your a teen.

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i picked this song because, it just goes with the flow. with life, you have to just go with the flow because theres really not that much to do but move on. forgive but not forget.

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Terry Fox was a very inspiring man who jogged across Canada for cancer research while he at the time had it himself.

Fundraising Events

is a very helpful website that is used for cancer refund, i’m very thankful for this website because it keeps Terry Fox’s legacy alive.

Image result for lockers schooli’m looking forward to make new friends, getting a job and being the individual person that i am.

i am going to work on myself, getting my grades up and being a better person and whoever is reading this, i hope you see me changing for the better 🙂

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