Life Time of a Tree 


200 years ago: 

200 years ago, I imagine Blake Burn Lagoon having more of a forest around it and very long grass as well. I do not think there were any houses around Blake Burn Lagoon. The water at Blake Burn Lagoon I imagine being clearer and contains better water quality built for certain types of animals that doesn’t provide the same quality today. Regarding the animals at Blake Burn Lagoon I think there were many more animals that are at Blake Burn Lagoon know, for example more bear, wolves, eagles, deer, and more animals like frogs’ turtles and salamanders and other species like that. Now with the plants at Blake Burn Lagoon I imagine that there would be more native plants like grand fir, red alder, vine maple, bog rosemary, vanilla leaf, and a pink fawn lily. 


70 years ago- 

70 years ago, was when people were destroying the beautiful area of Blake Burn Lagoon, chopping down trees and just creating farm land. This obviously destroyed habitats of many animals in Blake Burn Lagoon. I imagine the water quality became very poor, what I mean by that is since the land was “destroyed” a lot of the trees and plants were rooted out of the ground. I also think with the lost of so many plants the water became very muddy and not the best habitat for some fish and not the best place to look for food my other animals. Since the plants and trees were chopped down most animals lost their home like squirrels, ducks, bears, herons would have no need to come if the water quality is poor and some species of fish died. I also imagine some of the first nation plants in the area were destroyed or became extinct.  


Present Day- 

Blake Burn Lagoon is starting to regain the original beauty it had 200 years ago. With many trees for animals and new plants and first nation plants that have re-grown. In Blake Burn Lagoon now many coyotes, bears, herons, and other smaller animals have come back to their home. The water quality in my opinion has improved a lot, but I still think the water could improve a lot more. Now in Blake Burn Lagoon we see many more Canadian Geese, ducks, a few more herons, more types of birds, and fish. 


The future of Blake Burn Lagoon I have very high hopes, high hopes that the water quality will improve, and even more animals return to the lagoon, and more first nation plants return. I also think the future will bring us more houses which kind of means more pollution, and I also sadly think that some trees will be chopped down, to make new buildings, new house, new something. I hope that isn’t true though, I really wish for Blake Burn Lagoon to prosper and keep on growing.