How does sleep effect my sleep? 

Create a self-journal, ask myself how I feel throughout the day, and ask others around me how I look/act (family, friends) and ask them to write down how I was acting in my self-journal. Will do a certain amount of sleep for 3 weeks at a time. Weekends will be included but the amount of time I sleep in will be counted 



One of these charts for every different amount of sleep 


In each of the columns I will right how much I slept, how do I look, and I’ll ask friends and family how I behaved and how did I look to others. 


The amount of sleep I will do and when I will do it. 

First 3 weeks- October 29- November 12, for the first 3 weeks I will do the recommended amount of sleep for a 14-year-old girl which is 8-10 hours. 

Middle 3 weeks- November 12- December 1, for the middle portion of the 3 weeks I will sleep 5-6 hours. 

Last 3 weeks- December 1- 23, and finally for the last 3 weeks which will go into winter break, I will sleep 3-4 hours of sleep. 


To make this project more accurate I will have some rules 

  1. No caffeine or energy drinks 
  1. I will wake up at the same time everyday which will be 6am 
  1. On important dates like big examine and quizzes if I feel rested, I will keep doing this but during December 2-22 if school is still in, I may sleep at proper time to not let this school assignment effect my school 
  1.  During weekends so Friday’s and Saturday’s I will still sleep the same amount but instead of waking up at 6am I will see for how many hours more I sleep in and see if the amount I sleep in and the time I went to bed add up to the recommended amount of sleep which is again 8-10 hours. 


Hypothesis/ Question: 

Does sleep really effect my mood in long periods of time or does my body adapt to the amount of sleep I get? Some minor questions that can help me answer this bigger question. How does my appearance effect the amount of sleep I get? How is my attitude towards people, and how will I act to rudeness? Shorter temper? Finally, will I make others around mad or sad without meaning to?