Some ways I can positively impact Blake Burn Lagoon are…  

  1. Be aware of your surroundings (what I can do). On grassy areas make sure not to step on new life, like smalls organism, or even small plants, for example tree saplings. Being more aware can really help Blake Burn Lagoon, by not crushing new life and it can help bring Blake burn Lagoon back to a more forestry area. 
  1. Planting new trees/ plants that belong at Blake Burn Lagoon. (what a community can do) This can bring back or help the ecosystem become more flourish again. Like with Yellow Stone National Park where they put wolves back into the ecosystem to regain balance. 
  1. Picking up trash (what I can do). This is a very obviously reason how this can sustain Blake Burn Lagoon, trash pollutes our ecosystem it can hurt animals and plants.