Blakeburn Lagoon

Blakeburn Lagoon walking trails during the springtime. It was pretty cold and dark when we went the first couple times, but it warmed up later.

The Springtime from a viewing platform. The plants and trees have leaves on them again!

A tree at Blakeburn Lagoon throughout the seasons.


When we were at the lagoon I didn’t use much technology, only binoculars for our bird-watching assignment and phones (that I borrowed from several people) to look things up and take pictures of the plants and wildlife (or lack of it, in the wintertime). We also used magnifying glasses one class, but it wasn’t very much and I actually don’t know whether that counts as technology or not. The reason we didn’t use much technology there was mostly because it’s an outdoor place and outside of school grounds so we couldn’t really bring the laptop cart out there.

Along with the technology listed above, I also used the school laptops and my home computer to complete this assignment. The programs I used were email, Microsoft Office 365 (PowerPoint and Teams), and Edublog. I am very comfortable using all of these devices and programs. I would be alright if the school continued to assign this level of technology and technological projects next year as long as they also continued to give student access to the devices needed to complete them.