About Me

"Never forget the power of practice." 
                                      -Mike Trout 

I chose this quote because it pushing me harder to practice at baseball. I also like it because it can relate to a lot of things because whatever you do you pretty much need to practice it. It can also relate to a lot of people because a lot of people forget that practice makes perfect and if you want to do something in a competitive level or, in the future, go to post-secondary school for something hard and long like being a doctor or a lawyer, you need to practice because you don't get through something like that by luck. 


I like this video because it really shows the exiting and surprising part of baseball and it also makes me laugh because I know that when I play baseball, that I will never act lazy or stupid about the way that I play the game.

 I like this photo because It makes me calm and at ease. It also reminds me how beautiful this world is. It is also very inspiring because somehow, in someway, these beautiful mountains were created and now we get to enjoy their masterful presence.Mountain-View Data | LinkedIn




I like this hyperlink because I go to it very often and it has some very interesting details. I usually go to this hyperlink to calculate stats for the MLB player because some of my hobbies are sorting my baseball cards according to how good they’re doing and I also enjoy making the MLB All-Time All-Star team.