About Me

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” – William Shakespeare

I chose this quote because it applies to everything that I do in a day. During the week I can’t be late for school so i get there earlier than when the bell rings. For soccer, I get both practices and games early so I have time to get ready and warm up. I also apply this quote to school. I would rather get my work done much later then when it is due so I won’t be stressing the last day because it isn’t done.



The Video that I chose was the trailer for “Fifa 19“. TheĀ  reason that I chose this video is because soccer is a big part of my life. I practice 3 times a week and have a game each weekend. I do also really enjoy playing Video Games in my free time. The game that I chose connects these “important” parts of my life.

Check out the Rules of Soccer for a better understanding of how the game is played!



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I chose this picture because my family is a huge part of my life. They help me with school, sports, things around the house. Both my parents support me in every which way and I am so glad to have the opportunity to have an AWESOME and supportive family.