Element Cube

  1. I needed to research about the element before anything and I did this by asking  basic questions. What is the element? What does it look like? These simple, basic questions made my project possible.
  2. I used the QR code generator which was very new to me and somewhat difficult. I used the program Word which I use a lot. Word helped me a lot to organize my thoughts in a nice clean way.
  3. I first looked at what I needed to do to get the information that I wanted and then I found everything that I needed and out all of the information that was important onto the cube. This made it easier for me to organize everything.
  4. On the tops of the sites where little locks that told me this site is safe. To add to this, my computer did not shut down entering any of the sites. I feel like that was a good sign. I also knew that it was a safe site because of the https that was in front of the website link. If the S was not there, the site may not be 100% secure.
  5. I think if I was at school for the week that we did this I could have asked questions about what I should do and if I was doing things right or not. This, I feel, would have made my project much better.

Otherwise, the assignment that my teachers gave me was not over the top cray and I felt that It was manageable enough. 🙂

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