About Me

my quote:

Be a fruit loop in the world of cheerios, Bailee Elaine Lynd, it means when everyone is doing one thing and copying each other, go out of your way and prove that you are your own person and you like to be your own person not following other people around like a clone.


my you tube video 

I picked this video because I like watching makeup videos and this is one of my favourite you tubers (James Charles). I like him because he is funny and has really cool makeup ideas, I would personal not want to try his ideas because they are to much for me but its fun to watch.


my picture 


mr.bean is my motivation to get up in the morning he is just a family member, but just win a deeper meaning. he helps me though all my rough times. I don’t know what I would do without him. Thank you mr.bean.


my Hyperlink


its fun to watch people play Fortnite and learn new skills that people use and sometimes I will try that after watching a video. the site that is on my about me page will take you straight to the Fortnite live streams that I watch on my free time.


 live stream