About Me


1)my quote:

“Be a fruit loop in the world of cheerios” –Bailee Elaine Lynd

to me it mean be a leader not a follower, and be yourself.


2)My Video:

I picked this youtube video because I don’t watch much youtube but this video shows that you truly don’t know anyones story and you can never judge someone of their looks, in this video most of the students were going through stuff and the others had know idea till they all had a chance to tell their story.

3)My picture: 

This a photo of me and my friends before Covid where we were all having fun and not needing to wear masks and social distance. it shows how much cove has changed things and I really miss not needed to think about covid everywhere I go and every thing I do.


4)My Hyperlink:

Click here to go the lewis flyer althletic page 

I picked this hyperlink link because I will be going to university at this school in the fall of 2022, where I will be studying and playing lacrosse for the next 4 years.

5) self assessment:

02 – About Me Page reflection

I created my self assessment as a hyper link to look more neat. It will take you to a word document with all my information on it.