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About Me Page – Tasks

1) Add a Quote:

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you” Elbert Hubbard


I chose this quote because it went straight to heart, I don’t leave my friends because of what they do or have done. I love them for them and not for the past or the future.


2) Add a Video:

I chose this video because broken promises is one of my favourite clothing brands. Zumiez is my favourite clothing place to shop. Zumiez has all the clothes I like and Love.


3) Add a Picture:


I chose this photo because I really like nike airforce 1’s. They are my favourite shoes and especially these custom ones! These ones caught my eye exactly because I really like the white and black with the glitch colours.



4) Add a Hyperlink:


I chose this website because it’s my favourite clothings store I shop at. I love their clothes and accessories. I love their shoes and their employees. They are all super nice and they always help with my purchases. They also give me good discounts!