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I’m Deepesh and this is my blog. I like a variety of things. Some may call me a funny guy and some may call me smart. Well, I am both. I play soccer and I love my PS4.¬†Image result for PS4I like music a lot and i love many artists such as Travis Scott, Kendrick Lemar, A$AP Rocky, Drake and many more.



This video is a long live stream about two of the biggest youtubers in the whole world. A Swedish youtuber is being threatened by a huge Indian music company, T-Series. I support T Series and I will always support. There is a lot of tension between both these competitors as shown when Pewdiepie released a diss track with foul language. The music played during the live stream is not pg-13. Please subscribe to T-SERIES.


Image result for 2:10 time
This picture is very inspiring to me. This picture may just look like a regular clock but if you look at the time, you will see that the time is 2:10. 2:10 is when I leave school. I would have put a picture showing 2:09 but there isn’t, so 2:10 is close enough. Most days i think of this and I think about what will happen after 2:10. It is very pleasant, very pleasant indeed.


This website will reveal a brand new and better world for you (unless you have already seen it, then your life will be the same). This website will take you to the Netflix website telling you to watch the Office, my second favorite show. The Office is amazing, you may not like the 1st season but the other seasons are the best except for season 1, the end of season 7, 8 and 9. Please watch this because it will better your life.