Reflection 1

Course Name: Math

Course Teacher: Ms.Amin

We went online to setup teams as a class, so we can get assignments online. 

We had to send a link on teams on word to hand in our assignment.

I used word to do some math questions and answers questions about myself at the start of the year, then I handed it in with the link on teams.

At home I’ve used a website to access a textbook since I forgot mine in my locker.

Other: We’ve done about 4 chapters in math, and we’ve used our lesson booklet, and the textbook to practice and understand.

I found using my phone as a textbook was useful in class if you ever forget your textbook at home, you just search up ms moons grade 9 textbook and you can read the textbook off your phone. Also using my phone as a calculator at home if I don’t have a calculator on me.

I would like to use teams more often in the future because it’s really convenient that you don’t need to use paper to finish assignments, and you can just hand it in over the app.