Electric House Reflection

  1. My thoughts on this project all together is that at first i was very excited to create the house but then while working on it, it became stressful. making the circuit was very difficult because the wires weren’t cooperating with how my partner and i were trying to make it. Also making the outside of the house was hard since it took three days to complete the outline and colour it all in. We ran into a tough spot when we realized that the front of the house didn’t match the way the box originally closed.
  2. I think this assignment is relating to real life issues because it is actually difficult to create a circuit if you do not know how to do it. Even for the electrition’s who make circuits everyday as their jobs, still find it hard but since they went to school for it they know more than us.
  3. The communication between my partner and i was great, she was easy to work with and manages time amazingly as well as staying after school so we can work on the house. Me and her had to work fairly since there was just two of us working on it instead of 2-4 people. We also communicated while we were out of school by snap chatting each other to let one another know how the house was doing and what other things we needed to get done.
  4. I learnt from my partner that even when the assignment being complex for us we should push through it and try our hardest to get it done because in the end it will be a great outcome no matter what.
  5. If i were to do this assignment again i would for sure have more than one other person doing this project with me. I would also make sure that i would fully make a thought out plan before i jumped into it and added more ideas.
  6. Doing this project i would improve is making the house look more neat and well done and staying after school more often to complete it so i wouldn’t have to worry about it being handed in late or broken in pieces.
  7. To use this information in the future, it would be very helpful when dealing with lights, such as christmas lights, to easily identify the problem in the circuit.