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This quote is very important to me because I dance! Sometimes dance or truly anything in the world can be hard and you may want to give up. But don’t because it will get better! At my dance studio little kids watch the big kids dance all the time and they really do look up to us and want to be just like us when they grow up. Even when I get really tired or something is really challenging in class I just remember this quote and it actually really does helps me!

I found this quote on Pinterest but I cant find who made it.



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This is one of my dance routines that I did last year! Its called Dead in the water. It was my favorite dance last year, the style is acrobatics. This was my favorite dance because it looked so good on stage and I was a top which is someone who gets lifted up! I love being a top and my bass was very strong and trustworthy and we always nailed all of our lifts!


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This photo is very important to me because this is a photo from my dance recital last year! When it is recital week and I am with my friends and backstage it is the best feeling ever, I cant even explain it. Dance recital is a time to show of all of our dances to friends and family. My dance recital is held every year around the end of May into June, it is a big deal! We do ours at the act theater in Maple ridge.



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This is a very important link for me, this is my dance studio! I have been dancing at Mellado dance elite since I was 5! I love it and would not change it for the world. Mellado is like my second home! This year I am doing 16 hours of dance a week this year plus a duo and a solo!