About Me

By Fabiano Soto

I have a Dream- Martin Luther King Jr

The reason I choseĀ  this quote was because I really look up to this holy man, He was a man of great intelligence and really inspired me as a member of society. During the 1960s Martin Luther lead many young African Americans in the progressive Civil Rights movement. I am ashamed of my great uncle James Earl Ray because he was the man who assassinated him.

The reason i chose the video was because i had a deep connection and got truly terrified by Pennywise the clown. I believed the clown was awake at three A.M and was truly a fright. The other reason the I chose this video was because I enjoyed The movie IT. I loved the movie because of its complex story line.

I like this costume because its cool and fun. And its perfect Halloween costume. The costumes gives me confidence and an identity. The costume and the art that I like to look at helps me relax after my stressful days after my dog’s death. And the costume seem great for school mascot.

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