About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain” – Vivian Greene

I choose this quote because I live by it. Life will never stop giving you hardships, life will never stop throwing curve balls at you. What you have to remember is that there is always light in the darkness. If you can remember that even when life seems too gloomy for there to be good, there is. I’ve had my fare share of thunderstorms in my life but each and every one showed me that nothing is too dark to not find the light. And when you can’t find the sun in all the cloud dance in the rain!

2) Favourite Video:

I chose to put a video of Rosie MacLennan’s 2016 Olympic winning routine. 2016 was the second time Rosie won Gold on trampoline at the Olympics. I only compete at nationals, but I am hoping to compete at WAGS (world age groups) next year. Rosie’s first win was an unexpected one, the Chinese was the favourite but she managed to rise and win. She is very talented and I hope that one day I will be able to do the things that she does.

3) Inspiring Picture:

This is a collage of a bunch of my friends and I. I chose this because they all inspire me every day. They have made me cry tears of laughter and have made me laugh when I cry. They have all taught me a valuable lesson in life. Good people are hard to come by so when you find someone who can relate to you and who can understand you without even talking you should hold on to them. Every single person who is photographed in here has shown me the light in the dark and I’m forever thankful to all have them in my life!

4) Create a Hyperlink:


I chose TAGs website because I’ve practically grown up there. TAG is my second family/home. My coaches are like my second parents. They have taught me valuable lessons about life and I now get the opportunity to teach young kids.

5) Self Assessment: