Element Cube

Element Cube Info!

In my science class we are making an element cube! I am putting all the information of the element I’ve chosen here too. The element I’ve chosen is radon!

Info Below:

Element name: Radon

Symbol: Rn

Atomic number: 86

Atomic mass: 222

# of Protons : 86

# of Electrons:86

# of Neutrons:136

Radon was discovered by Friedrich Ernst Dorn, it was discovered in 1900. Radon got it’s name in 1923, until then it was called niton. It was discovered while studying radium’s decay chain.

Small amounts of radon are used to treat some cancer’s and tumors, but there are safer options now.

Radon’s melting point is: -77°C

Boiling point: -62°C

Colour: Radon is colourless in room temperature, when cooled to it’s solid state, it glows yellow and will glow orange/red in lower temperatures.

State in room temperature: Gas

Common uses: To treat some forms of cancer.

An interesting characteristic about radon is, radon is radioactive.




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