About Me

My favourite quote is women are taught to minimize the amount of space we take up, and though activity and sport you find your place and you take up your space. -Tessa Virtue

I choses this quotes because I have look up to Tessa in sport all my life. She is a great person to look up to in sport or just in life. She has helped me stay in sport because I felt like quitting so many time because I want to be a “normal person” but then I remember why it started doing sports in the first and what Tessa says to all girls. To never quit and never give up on your dreams because so many girls don’t stay in sports.

My other favourite quotes is Don’t look back. Your not going that way. -Tessa Virtue
I has helped me look into the future because anything in the past I can not change so never look back on the past just look ahed to the future and see what you can acomplish.

I choses this video because I have though of quitting gymnastics so many time but I always go back to videos of Tessa inspiring girls not to quit sports. Even if that means giving up your “normal life” because I have never been a “normal person” I have been doing gymnastics since I was 4 years old. I have missed so many thing that normal kids experience going party, sleepover, hanging out with friends, ect for my dreams. Tessa has helped me stay in gymnastics and she has inspired so many other young girls to never give up on the dreams.



I choses this picture because it shows how exited Tessa and Scott are about their skate. This shows there detirmantion to acomplish their dreams. They won the gold in Vancourver 2010 then the silver in Sochi 2014 then they comeback to win olympic gold again so it shows there detirmantion to not give up. They brought so many Canadians together and people from around the world I have made so many new friends through skating and Tessa and Scott 



https://www.fitspirit.ca/   I choose this website because it encourage young girls to stay active. So many girls drop out of sports and fit spirit helps girls stay active all year around. This is very important to me as an athlete because I have struggled to stay in sport and fit spirit has helped me to stay in sport. What they do for people is just amazing