Observe an organism

When i went to the lagoon I observed a Canadian goose for about 5 minutes. As I was looking at  the Canadian goose the first sphere it connected with was the atmosphere: the gaseous thing in the world.  The goose ate grass and some stems around the area and thats how it connects to the geosphere, the rocky part fo earth. I saw another geese fly onto the shore area place which is connected to the biosphere. Canadian goose live around 10-24 years and average wingspan is 127-173 cm there found in wet lands they like to say there and go in water. The Canadian Goose is a beautiful animal.

From our study

Abiotic Factors:

  1. Tree snags
  2. sun
  3. fences
  4. wood piles
  5. oxygen
  6. 23 celsius in the afternoon
  7. gravel
  8. Bat boxes 

Biotic Factors:

  1. cow
  2. sparrow
  3. duck
  4. frog
  5. fish
  6. slug
  7. trees
  8. paper birch
  9. huckleberry
  10. heron

Biological community:

When i was at the lagoon i saw different types of  producers, consumers, and decomposers. Producers are living organisms that can produce their own energy. The producers I looked at were trees, plants, and flowers. Consumers are organisms that get energy from eating different consumers. The consumers i saw was a eagle and a frog. Decomposers are organisms that can break down dead organisms. some decomposers I saw were slugs, mushrooms, and earthworms.





Food web and Pyramid:



sustainability: What i could do to create a positive impact at the lagoon i could help pick up garbage so the lagoon could be very clean so the animals wont get garbage everywhere. I could put up signs saying not to litter so people would be reminded to respect the environment. I can tell people not to wash things at the lagoon. Washing things will go on the ground and then will be washed down to the grass and into the lagoon and the animals will swimming in filthy water. I don’t think the animals should not be thought about normally people just throw things into the lagoon and don’t think what the animals are feeling they really don’t think what if i was the animal. I could also stay sustainable and not drink things and try not to spill anything at the lagoon. That’s what i can do to keep the lagoon sustainable.



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The symbiotic relationship that i chose is Predation. Predation is the preying of one animal on others. one of the predations i saw at the lagoon were the mushrooms at the lagoon. The organisms eat the mushrooms and the fungi inside the mushrooms poison the organism and everything.




Image result for salmon berryPeoples’s link:

An indigenous plant i found was a salmonberry. The indigenous people used to think a coyote placed asalmonberry in every salmons mouth he caught. The salmonberry is a bramble that belonged to a family from the west coast of North America.



Conclusion: My story is about a bird. How my bird got to the lagoon was by flying there. The bird flue there because it likes the environment and the weather is moist. A lot of other organisms like trees got there years ago maybe even 100s of years ago but those were planted by humans. Some organisms just come them self and stay because of the environment.