“Look at me, I’m a loser, 
I’m a winner, I’m good, 
I’m bad. I’m a sinner, 
I’m a killer. What I’m doing, 
I’m saying that I’m human.” - Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar is saying

Kendrick Lamar is saying that everyone has a low point in life where they are down bad or are up to no good, and everyone has high points in their life. these high and low points are what make us human.


This video showcase that you can do whatever you want with the right mindset. you can see in the video Travis Scott shows where he lived when he was younger to where he is now, performing live in front of 35 000+ people and living in a 23.5 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.

this photo shows the impact one person can have on multiple people. in this picture, you can see Kanye West sitting on stage and people crowded around it wanting to get closer. These people all gathered and paid money just to see one artist perform. they wanted to see someone they look up to, someone they enjoy.



A website that is important for me would be Youtube because it is where I can find information about a topic I want to learn, and I can entertain myself with videos