About Me

  • Quote

My favorite quote is “happiness is a drug and I wanna beĀ  your dealer.” This quote means that I wanna give you happiness but not only you everyone around me and everyone involved in my life because why waist time being sad when u could be doing so much more.

  • Clip

This isn’t a clip but its my favorite song, I chose this song because it makes me feel multiple feelings not just one simple feeling. I feel light and relaxed and its such a peaceful song that I love to listen to while with my horses or somewhere in nature away from all the issues and it makes me feel like I can just stop and breath.

  • Picture

I chose this picture because my cats mean a lot to me and i love them so much even though they can be annoying and a pain. They are still my fur balls at the end of the day no matter how much they rec my room i still let them sleep on my bed cause they keep me warm.